Foz do Lizandro

Is the spot where the lessons will be held, at walking distance from the surfcamp. It's a really fun beach break during summer time with perfect peaks to give surfclasses and improving your surfing, during the winter with a good swell and when the rains forms new sandbanks it turns into a world class tubing beachbreak

S. Julião

It's a really punchy and strong beach break, it is at 10 km from the camp. When all the spots are flat in Ericeira this long stretch of beach has always some waves to offer, if you feel to hike away from the main peak you might found some empty banks. When the sand is aligned it can provide some really good waves

Pico do Futuro/Praia do Sul

These spots are right in front of the camp, you can check them from the comfort of the living room, they mainly work in winter with big swell when anywhere else is maxing out. The first is a right hand pointbrake with a lot of power,mainly for experienced surfer in the big days, that peels off just in front of the Grand Hotel. The second is a misto/reef made out of different peaks that works mostly in winter.


Probably the best pointbreak of Europe, a right punchy long ride breaking on an urchin infested reef. The water entrance/exit is very difficult and dangerous. Best with low tide. Only for expert surfers.